“Write your title last”

“Welcome to your new blog!” the emails go. “Here’s the top 10 tips to growing your audience!”

I’ve been writing for a little while now. But none of those words have been read by anyone else. Every evening I add an entry to my personal diary, where I ramble on about things nobody cares about. I’m not nearly interesting or famous enough to have to worry about appearing on this wikipedia list of diarists.

Despite that however, I do feel like there is the occasional nugget of information in that diary that someone else mind find useful. Is that someone you? Maybe, maybe not. Even if there ends up being nothing of use here, it feels good to get it out there.

Welcome to your new blog!

I guess we should start at the beginning. This is indeed my new blog. The writing will be poor, and the content likely boring and uninspired. Got to start somewhere, and maybe you, my dear reader, will join me on wherever ‘where’ ends up being.

Top 10 tips to growing your audience!

They say the key to having a successful blog is to fill it with click bait content actually worth reading. While it’s likely we’ll end up veering off course as time goes on, here’s the kind of things you can expect from me:

  • Nothing
  • Everything
  • Giant Snails

I think that about covers it. Like I say, you might not find anything of use or interest to you here. But there will at least be pictures of giant snails and spiders to keep the words company.


Theraphosidae, to be exact.

One Comment

  1. I’m looking forward to those Giant Snails


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